We are a team of mavericks committed to discovering new approaches to coordination and inspiring creativity, unlocking the full potential of web3.

Supporting talented people working on transformative ideas

We focus on decentralised crypto networks and the web3 stack built around it, contributing in areas like tokenomics, mechanism design, architecture, governance, and go-to-market.

Our core principles revolve around the convergence of people and ideas. That we can “leverage decentralised technology to improve systems of behaviour, while fully expressing our human values”.

Investment focus


Crypto is in its infancy and much of the infrastructure required to scale crypto networks is immature or simply not built. Bodhi continues to support infrastructure projects at various levels of the stack.


Arguably the first category with PMF on Ethereum, we have been building and investing in DeFi projects before the term was born.


The next 100 million users will enter crypto via token-enabled games. A huge community of existing gamers is waiting to be onboarded, and with the first generation gaming projects coming online, that moment is imminent.

Our growing portfolio

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The minds behind Bodhi

Bodhi Ventures is led by a team of seasoned Investors and industry experts.

We are strategic and analytical thinkers, identifying new business ideas with market cut-through and providing guidance and mentorship to help these businesses grow.

Our diverse team is made up of cryptocurrency veterans, each of them recognized as thought-leaders in the industry.

We act as mentors and advisors to numerous startups in the Web3 space, helping them to refine their business models and build successful products.

Bodhi Ventures is led by a team of crypto native builders with hands-on experience scaling decentralised networks.

Our backgrounds encompass businesses of every size. We have experience in multiple crypto and web2 startups, mid-stage companies on the path to listing, and traditional enterprises.

We advise numerous projects in the space at every level of maturity. Assisting teams to build successful products by helping to refine token/business models and providing deeply technical contributions from code and architectural reviews to social and community initiatives.